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I have worked with Stephanie for a few months now. During those months Stephanie has been consistent, thorough, and dealt with every curve ball I threw at her. She went ABOVE and BEYOND with her training materials, workouts, even food lists, and suggestions. The whole time she has been encouraging and positive. She checks in with me multiple times throughout the week, has a quick turn around on any questions I ask, and during my check in sends me an informative video explaining everything she is changing that next week and why she’s changing it. Stephanie is knowledgeable about all things workout, and nutrition, along with the science that goes along with it. I'm so happy she agreed to work with me and I strongly recommend.



Successful Collaborations

beyond fitness cliend weightloss and half marathon runner


6 weeks of progress and 7 lbs lost. Ashley works out from home 4 days a week and is enjoying eating more and putting on muscle. She's absolutely killing it!

beyon fitness client weight loss in 6 weeks


9 weeks of progress and 13 lbs lost. Darrell is working out from home 5 days a week and counting macros like a boss! He is feeling so much stronger already and has several different fitness goals he wants to achieve this year.

Beyond Fitness macros client


Marcus hired me to help him cut weight before his MMA fight. He successfully learned how to count macros and make weight. He also won!

Beyond fitness client weightloss


4 months of progress. Update Coming Soon!


Successful Collaborations

 beyond fitness client weight loss over time


This is what 4 months of consistent progress looks like for her. 6.4 lbs lost and 5" off her waist. She's not done yet! 

beyond fitness client weight loss update


8 Weeks of progress and 20 lbs lost. She has done this by learning how to track macros and increasing her steps. 

beyond fitness client bikini competitor massachusettes


This was Lindsays first bikini show. She took 1st in debut, 2nd in novice and 4th in open class B. 

beyond fitness client bikini competitor new yorl


Jen competed in the 2023 OCB NYS Natural and took home 3rd Place in Bikini Masters.

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