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Stephanie winner of bikini competition at the shamrock bodybuilding competition


Stephanie started her fitness journey in 2019. It all started with Crossfit. The first time I placed my hands on a barbell I knew it wouldn't be the last. I can't explain the feeling but I knew right then and there that I was going to be hooked to anything having to do with fitness. Within months of joining a local Crossfit gym, I started to build my own home gym. From there, I learned more about body-building nutrition and started to "grow". I had no idea all these years what true good nutritional intake should look like until I discovered counting MACROS. This is why I offer MACROS coaching. I feel like everyone should learn this method. It's so much more effective!

Stephanie has gone from CrossFit to Bodybuilding to now competing in the NPC and OCB Bikini shows. 

Stephanie recently won her master's pro card at the OCB Shamrock Cup Class in March of 2022 as well as 2nd place in Open Class C and 2nd place in Novice. 


Her previous winnings include 5th place (Masters 35+) at her first NPC show, 3rd place (Novice), and 4th place (Open) at her first OCB competition.


She is now in prep for her a Figure Bodybuilding competition in June 2024.

Education - Stephanie got her education in Certified Personal Training through NASM and is certified as a Nutritionist Specialist. 


She also has a BS in Leadership and Organization Studies and an AB in Business.

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